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Wills & Probate

Our own death is not something that that we like to think about and making a will is often put on the long finger. Unless you make a valid will  your property can be divided according to the  1965 Succession Act.  This division may not be what you would have wished if you had made your own choice, for example if a married person dies without making a valid will (intestate) leaving a spouse or civil partner and children the surviving spouse is only entitled to two thirds of the estate and the children are entitled to one third between them. This can cause problems for young families in particular.


A will allows an individual to provide for the special needs of family members and the distribution of property. A will can also be used, with proper advice, as a tax planning opportunity. If you do not make a will, you lose your chance to appoint an executor to handle your affairs and, furthermore, your estate will be divided in accordance with the law of the land and not necessarily in the manner which you might have desired. To learn more about the law surrounding death and bereavement in Ireland please visit the Citizens Information website .


Once a person dies the executor of their estate must apply to their local Probate office to take out a grant of Probate in order to administer their estate. The Cavan / Longford Probate Office is situated in Cavan Courthouse on Farnham Street.


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